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TTMT #679 – Space Quilt

In which I share the finished Space Quilt, some hearts for #ifaqh (I Found A Quilted Heart), talk about #quiltsforuvalde and The Linus Connection, and moan a bit about rolling my ankle. I hope you’re all well! ♥

See the KXAN video about The Linus Connection here:

TTMT Videomakers! If you are on Facebook, you should have an invite to our private group to discuss going to Quilt Festival. If you don’t have an invite, just let me know here and I’ll add you! If you aren’t on FB and want details, just drop me an email. Sewhooked at Gmail. ♥

7 thoughts on “TTMT #679 – Space Quilt

  1. Hopefully, your foot and ankle are feeling better every day.

    The space quilt turned out great. The machine quilting is out of the world.


  2. Ugh I know the ankle things has been so frustrating. You have things to do, that ankle needs to settle down!

    I was so glad y’all were able to meet their request for those families in Uvalde. I cried when I saw my orphan block show up in one of those quilts, you just feel so powerless when these things happen and to see people wrapping these families in love it just warms my heart.

    The space quilt turned out great and I am sure he will be totally surprised and touched. That grey speckled was perfect for the back. Man do I love that line of fabric.


    1. Having to slow down again has been so irritating, but I’m trying not to spread my crabbiness!

      Working on quilts for Uvalde was so emotionally draining. I know where our quilts go, but this was such a different reason and it was impossible to not think about.

      I’ll probably mail the space quilt next week. I want to write a thank you note first…


  3. The space quilt looks fabulous.

    Im so sorry about the ankle roll. Cranky is completely understandable. Sending you good vibes

    I love the quilted hearts. How fun to have someone registered their find.

    I am working hard to restock you. I should have 15 to quilts for you soon.

    Happy Crafting


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