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TTMT #678 – Quilt Show Again

In which I share a big push to get as many quilts as possible done for a big donation for #quiltsforuvalde.

TTMT Videomakers! If you are on Facebook, you should have an invite to our private group to discuss going to Quilt Festival. If you don’t have an invite, just let me know here and I’ll add you! If you aren’t on FB and want details, just drop me an email. Sewhooked at Gmail. ♥

8 thoughts on “TTMT #678 – Quilt Show Again

  1. Susan does not mind one little bit if you made 2 quilts out of 1 top. I cannot think of a better use for those tops. I don’t know if you listened to Matthew McConaughey’s speech today but I did and cried like a baby.


  2. OMG so much quilty goodness in there! Your push to get things done pushed ME to get things done, so I am so glad of that. Love the “mending heart” save on the lone star. It really did the trick.


    1. It was good to quilt “together” despite the hiccups. That heart saved the day. I was so nervous I would ruin the quilt, but figured I couldn’t make it worse! I seriously need a day to do real life stuff and then right back to it.


  3. Wow, you kicked it into high gear to get those quilts done. They will provide a great big hug to their recipient.
    Hugs to you.


  4. You’ve really been on fire again.. it’s such a shame about the reason (to say the least), but I’m glad there are people in the world who can do it. The weight of it can be a lot to bear. But these are all really beautiful and a fun selection of different styles and tops. Thank goodness for all the quilt top makers too, as well as you the quilter 😀


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