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TTMT#53122-My daughter’s gift of Covid…

4 thoughts on “TTMT#53122-My daughter’s gift of Covid…

  1. Well, for a sick lady, you sure did get a lot done! Seriously, though, I’m really glad you only had a mild case. My daughter and her fiancé have been sick and it hit them both pretty hard. Despite being around my daughter a fair bit in between, my household managed to dodge it.

    I love, love, love the bookcase quilt. I hope you share it with the FiS community when you’re done because I think it’ll inspire a lot of people to finish there’s up!


  2. I’m glad your Covid was pretty mild. The inoculations and boosters have really helped out. I love that little wall hanging. And I also love your bookcase quilt. Way to use your sick leave.


  3. Sorry to hear you got covid.. I hope you’re feeling all the way better now!

    The sunset piece s very lovely. The bookcase quilt looks really good… I like the blend of a few specific special blocks and many more “generic” ones with the books. It’s a great way to do it without getting totally in the weeds trying to make EVERYTHING specific.


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