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I’ve got (a) class

I was determined to post a video this week but it’s Wed afternoon and it just hasn’t happened. It’s not that I am overly busy, but life is happening and I have zero track of time and so I’m just going to call an audible and film later.

I’ve been sewing samples for my very first Paper Piecing class to teach beginners at Hip Stitch. I’m excited and also extremely nervous. I asked to move it up to June from July because the June schedule was fairly open and I didn’t want to wait, I wanted to jump in like pulling off a bandaid! My first class is June 9 and then I also am doing it June 18 for people that need it to be on the weekend.

The pattern calls for 8 different fabrics. So I did one sample that essentially followed the pattern, but I also made one with 5 different fabrics, and then another one this morning that was all one color but 8 different fabrics. I think so far the one color version is my favorite…

Here’s a link to the class so you can see my 3 samples…

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