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TTMT #110

Quilts, Paper and Randomness

6 thoughts on “TTMT #110

  1. Oh your label is sweet. I love the whole Ripley Tomato Quilt.
    I could have seen making something like that when we lived in NC for some of the local festivals.

    My daughter uses vellum all the time for her stage and light designing. It’s perfect for that but I can see how heat would be a problem.

    I love you office chair!

    Happy Designing! The Doctors are looking amazing!


  2. Very cool to see your quilts hung in public! The tomato label is pretty perfect I think.

    Hope you’re having fun with the kitchen haha… what an awful/wonderful thing having a kitchen redone. Hopefully you’ll get lots of designing in while everything is extra chaotic.


  3. I do love that quilt! The label is just lovely and how awesome that it’s on display! We definitely want to see when it moves for the tomato festival!

    I love your sweet bookcase quilt, especially that making it helped you find us.

    Way back when I was teaching intro to paper piecing, I would bring sample papers so everyone could have a look at the different options: vellum, newsprint, printer paper, etc. I still love my recycled printer paper.

    Your DW patterns are FANTASTIC.

    I love getting to see your school. Nice chair, lady!


  4. Your label is the perfect finish to a fantastic quilt. I love that it’s hung for all to see at the school.
    I haven’t tried other papers. I need to so I can respond to questions of students when I teach my pp class at Hip Stitch, so I’ll be trying some soon. But I just use whatever paper I’ve got in the printer. I can see for simple stuff thinner would work fine, though.
    Your Who patterns are just fantastic. I really want to start a Who quilt soon, but I can’t decide if I want to do the embroidery one or wait for yours, but I love your Silence in the Library quilt layout so very much. And you know since it’s already finished and your squares are empty in there you could always do some HTV or stenciling in those blocks to a finished quilt. If you wanted to fill those in somehow. but I definitely want to use that layout for something, it’s just so cool.


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