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TTMT 202: Sew All the Things

  • Black and White bee blocks — I don’t know the name, but it’s 8 HSTs plus a solid square in the middle. Easy peasy.
  • Batik jelly roll quilt — the pattern came free with the jelly roll and is by Cozy Quilt Designs, but I can’t see one exactly like it on their website. It’s very similar to the Simplicity pattern, though that one looks like it maybe uses 2 jelly rolls to have the contrasting colour.
  • Trinket quilt by Alison Glass — from the 2019 Quiltalong
  • Summer Sampler 2020 quilt-along April APQ Resolution project) — from the 2020 Quiltalong
  • Triple Irish Chain bee block, pattern by Melissa of Happy Quilting
  • Wolf Cushion — I don’t know who designed these cross-stitch patterns, though I should probably find out. Stitched by my sister, the HST cushion pattern is just deciding if the angle will go left or right, colour placement decisions were made by which block I picked up and which direction let the seam allowances nest, with a tiny bit of adjustment made to keep certain colours spread around a little bit evenly
  • Dodge Challenger paper-pieced blocks — designed by Quilt Art Designs
  • Kantha Stitchalong with Alison Glass — hopefully this one won’t take me 3 years to finish piecing like the last one did……..

10 thoughts on “TTMT 202: Sew All the Things

  1. Wow! You have been busy. All your projects look interesting. I really like the greyish/black block that you said you were not going to use in the black and white quilt. I love your pink, purple and orange quilt blocks that are pushing you out of your comfort zone. The wolf is neat, your border is great.
    It is great to see that you are making progress on so many quilts.

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    1. Thank you!
      That one quilt block somehow looks better on camera than in person haha.. it’s a bit muddy in person, so the HSTs don’t really stand out enough to show the pattern. But we will see. It may yet end up in the quilt.

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  2. I think you are making fantastic progress! It’s actually awesome because I am working on an idea for the shop for next year using HSTs and/or flying geese and I need to figure out what blocks to use. I think the busy block would go in there fine but you could always piece it into the back, too. That way you don’t have any leftovers.
    The trinkets looks really good. Your quilting always looks fantastic so I know you will make it look awesome. 🙂
    That wolf cushion cover is just simply GORGEOUS. wow. you really have an eye for placement and design.
    I think your threads are good coordinates for your fabrics. I’m always second and triple guessing my choices, so I totally get that, but I’m sure it will work great.

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    1. Thank you! If you want some HST inspiration… I did this HST sampler QAL ages ago that makes 16 patch blocks (and there are hundreds more options than this…) [] or I’ve done online HST block of the months with Steph Jacobson and Zina… someone [], which make for some kind of abstract quilts if you don’t sash the blocks etc. I haven’t finished any of the 3 I’ve started, but… one day. Haha.

      My b&w HST quilt will likely wind up having any extras in the back. One of the ones I’ve been sent is also sort of muddy in appearance (too much black in the white parts, so it all blends a little too much) and someone else sent me 4 blocks because she was late, so I will have 4 or 5 extra to piece into the back.


  3. It seems like almost everyone I know has had covid in the last couple of months. I am very glad you had a mild case.

    I LOVE the B&W blocks. Those are gorgeous.

    You’re not joking about sewing all the things. If you didn’t have a summary, I might have lost track!

    The summer sampler is also lovely. I’m not generally a big fan of solids, but I like the colors.

    Holy beans, that triple Irish Chain is amazing!

    I will never stop loving the collaboration between you and your sister. The cushion covers are freaking awesome.

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    1. Yeah it seems like everyone I know who (like me) was soooo careful for so long, suddenly caught covid within the same 3-4 month period, just after omicron came around and after our provincial govt did away with mask mandates. (I know that happened much earlier for most of the US!) I was still masking all day every day when I was at work, but most of my coworkers weren’t… no shocker so many of us caught covid around then. Oh well. I’m glad it was mild for sure!

      I really like the black and white too.. I have been trying to bang out some quilt tops lately, but once I’m done with those I hope to get the b&w one going sooner than later. I’d like if I can swing it to give my family all quilts for Christmas. I definitely have time, but it’s more do I have the will to finish them….. we will see. (Also, I need to figure out something for my dad who never really likes anything much.)


  4. You certainly kept yourself busy during your seclusion. I’m so glad it was a mild case of Covid. Of all of your gorgeous project, my favorites are the black and white and the wolf pillow. Way to go on stepping out of your comfort zone.

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    1. Thank you! I really like those pillows too, it’s a little sad that they’ve moved on to new homes! 😀

      I’m excited about the black and white one… I’m trying to bang out a bunch of quilt tops right now, but as soon as I’m done with those I want to get back to the b&w… it’s just awesome.


  5. Hi Kristel, I’m a bit behind on videos…so
    I love all that you’ve been producing. I really like the sampler blocks…I know you’re not in love with it. COVID…hope you were able to recover. It looks like being sick didn’t slow you down too much. Every thing you do is wonderful!

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    1. Thank you! I do like the sampler blocks, just don’t love the colours! I did two of this sampler and the other one is so much more my colours than this one… oh well. I like the push my boundaries,.. everything would be blue and green otherwise haha.

      I was lucky to have a very mild case of covid… mainly just a runny nose and a headache. I was more tired after it was over than during — it took a couple weeks to feel like I could get through a full work day without wanting to sit down all day and my voice was messed up for a few weeks after. But all in all not so bad! If I had to get it, I guess I lucked out.


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