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Life update

Hi everyone, things are crazy at my end of the world. And I am not coping. We are currently in a severe flooding situation. Homes are washing away, and roads are closed, because of the flooding and sink holes forming. I will share some pics and links, so you can see.

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    1. The rain have stopped tonight, and they say we will have some sun tomorrow. But Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we will have more flooding. I am not sure how much more we can take. We haven’t had power (electricity) or water for 3 days now. We were lucky, that I had just brought several bottles of drinking water, but we have been washing out of buckets, collected from the rain water. So far 259 confirmed dead in my town, with hundreds missing. Most of the schools, and our town hall has been flooded. We were going to use our town hall as a shelter, but since it flooded out, we have had to use church halls on higher ground. More than 500 people just in one of our suburbs, were evacuated to safety. They could only be reached by helicopter and a few small boats (on the roads turned rivers). All of our roads have been destroyed completely, including the railway lines (which have washed away). So we cannot even leave town, and go elsewhere to safety. Several apartment buildings have collapsed or have been swept away. Many, many houses have been swept away. One family of ten, all died at once, when their home collapsed on-top of them. There has been some collections been done for food, clothing and blankets, but with nearly everyone effected, there hasn’t been much to go around. The few shops that have not been flooded out, have sold out of food, water and other essentials. There is no more fresh water in my town, anywhere. All of our mobile networks are off line, and nobody has been able to phone anyone else in 3 days. I have families, that lived in places I know have washed away, and I cannot get hold of them.
      A lot of our lower lying churches have washed away in the flood. One church had a cemetery, that flooded out, most of the soil washed away and exposed the “dead”. Without power, I have had to navigate flooded and muddy roads, for the 5 minute drive to work, to charge my phone and laptop, so that I can at least follow the news and weather. (Work has a generator). Kwazulu Natal (the province or state, I live in) has been declared a state of disaster today, by our president, this means he will send humanitarian help and the military. Mercifully, my family home is not to badly effected, since we are on a hill, but we have had a lot of rain water in the house. And with a lot of homes, having the ground underneath the houses, just wash away. I am a bit worried about that happening, especially with more torrential rain predicted.
      Our little storm was named “Issa”


  1. Oh my, I echo Jennifer in that I had no idea this was going on. I’ve kind of been avoiding news these days. Please check in with us when you can so we know you are ok. ((hugs))


    1. Hi Jewells, I have replied below Jennifer’s comment above, if you want to read it there. Things are bad. And I am tired and very emotional .


  2. From the news it sounds like things haven’t really been much better than when you posted this. I’ll be thinking of you and your family and hoping for your safety and health.


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