TTMT Video

TTMT #108

Donation Quilts for Skills USA and working on Dr Who Patterns

I am completely behind on watching videos. I hope I can get caught up in the next few days.

8 thoughts on “TTMT #108

  1. Jeanie, your fundraiser quilts are gorgeous! Will the auction be online? If so, I would love to bid on one of your beauties!

    Tenth Doctor version two is going well. I’m sure they will all be fantastic!


  2. Dr. Who blocks are looking good. With all the Dr’s being bigger could make for a tall skinny quilt.

    The charity quilts are beautiful.


  3. What fantastic donation quilts! I hope they raise a lot of funds for the program.

    Are you putting all these doctors together for next year being the 60th anniversary?


  4. The donations quilts look great… the string quilt turned out so well! I think they’re such a fun way to make scrap quilts. Oh and that HST one as well… the black really makes those colours pop.

    I’m loving your Doctors. So. Good.


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