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TTMT 201: Busy busy

In which I show off some bee blocks [Scrap Jar Star from Gigi’s Thimble], a finished cushion cover with cross-stitch by my sister [Pattern just random HSTs in two sizes], progress on my Trinket Stitch-a-long [Trinket by Alison Glass] and a finished quilt top [Alternate Bear Paw, self-drafted pattern from a drawing by Anne of Play Crafts].

4 thoughts on “TTMT 201: Busy busy

  1. I love the scrappy bee block. Your colors are so great. I would expect nothing less from your scrap pile!

    The polka dots are just great! I love all the different sizes you ended up with.

    The finish on the bear cushion is so good! The tiny triangles make it for me!


    1. I think I could make a thousand of those scrap jar stars and still have fabric left… I really need to find a way to use more of my scraps!

      I really like the bear cushion a lot… my sister and I both regretted handing that one off to its new owner just a little bit 😀 I also loved the tiny triangles. On the fox pillow I was making a 14″ square, so I was able to do a whole ring of them around the centre, but this one is 16″ and the math didn’t work out as nicely without doing 2 full rings of the tiny triangles (they finish at 1″) and I just couldn’t talk myself into it, so there’s just a smattering of them, but I think it kind of… adds a bit of sparkle somehow, having just a bit here and there. The third pillow (for which I’ve got the top pieced but not quilted yet) has another slight variation on the tiny triangles mixed with big. I’ve kind of enjoyed it… HSTs aren’t always the most forgiving block type, but I kind of want to chop up all my leftover shot cottons and turn it into one whole quilt of various sizes and colours.

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  2. I love that scrap jar star, that’s awesome. What a fantastic way to use up scraps!

    I love dots too, not sure why, but I can definitely tell by the sher volume of dots fabric I have in my stash, lol. I think your choice to bring in the different scales of dots really made it all work together.

    Oh wow, that bear cushion is just fantastic!!


    1. I always thought one day I’d make a scrappy quilt of all my dot fabrics – I have A LOT – but then I maybe think that might be too much of a good thing, haha.

      I really loved the bear cushion in the end. I think it’s super lovely. It was a bit hard to give away! (But we can’t keep everything…)


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