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TTMT #119 Catch Up

5 thoughts on “TTMT #119 Catch Up

  1. Wow, so many fun new projects! I especially like your Astros socks! Your poor grandkids, being sick during a break is never fun.

    Your retreat sounds so fun and I really hope you have a great time.

    Lewis is one of our favorites. We’ve also been watching British mysteries! We just caught up on the most recent season of Vera.


  2. I am so happy for you to be able to go on retreat. I am hoping to be able to start doing some things like that now that my schedule is starting to open up a bit.

    Oh I love inspector Lewis! I am currently treating myself to Britbox and watching all sorts of older shows while I wait for the newest season of Silent Witness to pop in there.

    I have not signed up for the Project Linus knit or quilt along this year, but so far that looks lovely!


  3. I hope your retreat was a lot of fun!

    You do keep busy with the knitting.. I’m sort of curious what your yarn stash looks like, I just imagine you have a ton of incredible yarns because everything you make looks so lovely.


  4. Yay for baseball! We are looking forward to it.

    Oh the lent shawl looks beautiful.

    I hope you had a blast on your retreat. I love the idea of the multiple crafts retreat. What a fun idea.

    It’s beautiful time of year here. Enjoy and hope to see you soon


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