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TTMT 86 Just a bit of crochet

4 thoughts on “TTMT 86 Just a bit of crochet

  1. Hi Vanda, I am sorry you have to move. My best advice to you would be furniture that can double as storage. A bed that has storage drawers or on risers so you can store bins underneath, for instance. Do you have IKEA there? I’ve seen people use the Kallax units as a base for a loft bed with all sorts of storage underneath. Or maybe if you are taking furniture with you some of it could be modified to add a way to also store things in it. Pinterest is a black hole of projects, but there are many many examples of people making ways to store their things that way and make the most of a small space. And of course, think vertically. utilize space over windows and doors as a place to have shelves for books, etc. You might even have a little fun figuring out some creative ways to store your favorite things in your new place and making your new place your very own.

    I think it’s great that some folks want you to help the learn about quilting. Who knows, you just might start a trend!


  2. I love hearing the night happening outside in your video. 🙂

    Your crochet looks lovely.

    Best of luck creating a quilt group. That sounds so nice!

    Oh my goodness, moving on short notice isn’t fun at all. I hope it goes as smoothly as that kind of thing can.


  3. Sorry to hear about the unwanted move… the Things can be such a problem, can’t they? I hope you don’t have too pass off too many books … it’s so hard to do!

    The crochet is looking very nice. I like the stripes!


  4. Oh sorry about the move.
    That’s so very stressful even when you want to move.

    Those long single rows for crochet take for ever! You are definitely being productive even it’s it’s not yet apparent.

    Take care


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