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TTMT #2: Wizard Robes!

5 thoughts on “TTMT #2: Wizard Robes!

  1. The robe is looking really good so far… if there are long seams in the body or back, you might be able to just sew along those inside the seamline thereby making a new seamline that will size the ribes down a bit. But my hope is they will work out fine for you. Good to see you again. Now get some sleep! 😉


    1. I had a chance to do a quick fitting yesterday, and while it’s a bit big, she claims it’s not so large that it will be hard to wear. I’m going to hem the bottom and the sleeves and she should be good to go! Her brother, however, is going to need some minor alterations to his. They have similar measurements, but he’s smaller than she is and his shoulders are less broad. But I’m feeling more confident now, so that’s something!


  2. I am sure the robes are going to be great. It will be ok to have some grow room for the kids. Yay for more yarn. I hope you got a good nights sleep. Take Care.


  3. I love your shirt!

    Oh sounds like you got the robe sorted out. It looked really good in the video.

    I would probably do the same thing. I haven’t made them in years and the first try would wouldn’t have worked out.

    I hope you gotten to move on to some more fun stuff.


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