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TTMT #117 Finish It February

6 thoughts on “TTMT #117 Finish It February

  1. The blankets are so lovely! You do such beautiful work.

    Funny about your hair… my previous co-worker had a similar haircut to yours and she had the constant issue of them cutting it too short after being asked not to cut it to short. It didn’t seem to matter what she would say or ask for. So annoying!

    I continue to think good thoughts for you with your doctors and the testing and so on.


  2. The knitting projects look fantastic! I’m so glad you’ve found a neurologist that you like. There are few things as horrid as getting saddled with a doctor (especially when you’re dealing with a chronic condition) who just doesn’t mesh with your needs. UGH. Sending you hugs and love from Charlotte, NC!


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