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TTMT #106 Ripley Tomato Quilt Done!

7 thoughts on “TTMT #106 Ripley Tomato Quilt Done!

  1. Your Stargate quilt looks SO GOOD hanging on the wall.

    Your Ripley quilt is so darn cute. I really like how it turned out. Your quilting is just great. Fun backing, too!

    I just love your picture at the courthouse!!


  2. Thank you! Once the holidays was over I just had to put the Stargate quilt back up.
    I have been showing everyone the Ripley Tomato quilt. The director at my school wants to display it. Then our local chamber is wanting to display it during our tomato festival. The response has been overwhelming. It was such a fun project.
    My main goal was to get that picture! Everything else is extra

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    1. That’s so cool! That feels exactly right that everyone’s having that kind of response. It turned out so well.

      On the subject of the quilting, I think you chose well… not just because it’s something you’re comfortable with, but also because it doesn’t distract from the blocks, which are the star of the show.


  3. The Ripely quilt turned it great. I like the wider binding on the back. It’s so cool that you took it up to the courthouse to take pictures of it there.


  4. Ripley Tomatoes turned out great, and that’s awesome they ware wanting to display it, it totally deserves it!

    Stargate looks so fantastic behind you too. I only ever saw the movie but that quilt is just fantastic!


  5. Holy smokes, that quilt is so intricate! WOWZA! Amazing work! Also — is that a Stargate quilt in the background??


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