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Best Intentions 😬

Hey There I really intend to make a video today. Things have been busy with lots of adulting. Trips to the DMV, car shopping, insurance changes, and random appointments from accountant to medical. I really have nothing to show you. I have been long arming and testing blocks for someone on FIS.

The next few weeks will likely be more of the same. My mom went to the hospital this morning and it is unclear what’s wrong. So I may have a trip very soon to NC. If I’m not needed there. I have quilt retreat coming up that I am very excited to go on.

Lots of yard work as it’s beginning to warm up and things need tending. So I’ll try to post soon but I maybe a tad MIA this spring.

Happy Crafting

3 thoughts on “Best Intentions 😬

  1. I hope your mom is doing better.

    You sound so busy. It’s warming up a bit here but we have a ways to go before we can do anything more than just basic yard cleanup.


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