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TTMT 200: So Many Things

It’s long. I can only apologize. I did cut out 7 minutes, but…. it’s long. It also shifts focus every other minute, which is super annoying. Point and shoot camera. Sometimes you get what you get.

In which I show my January APQ UFO Resolution project, a finished embroidery stitch from December, some bee blocks, a finished baby quilt, and a finished cushion cover.

The patterns are Trinket by Alison Glass, Jingle All the Way by Lolli and Grace, Heart Blocks from Cluck Cluck Sew and Just Jude Designs, Embrace the Chaos class by Libs Elliott. I don’t know the designer of the fox pattern and the cushion pattern is my own.

12 thoughts on “TTMT 200: So Many Things

  1. Trinket is looking great. I love your jewel tones. The quilt you made from your class is also great. I love that diagonal quilting! The show stopper for me is how you finished the fox cushion for your sister. It is just stunning! I always enjoy the honesty in your videos. Like what you like and don’t like what you don’t!

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    1. Thank you, on all accounts!

      The diagonal quilting was an attempt to not overthink the project so much haha.. I wanted a quick and easy finish, and it definitely worked for that! I keep thinking I should go back in and quilt from the other direction too, but also I just want to let it go… not everything needs to be quilted to death!

      I’m really happy with the fox pillow! I had assumed to begin with that I’d wind up using prints of some sort for the borders, but once I saw the finished piece I changed my mind to thinking it had to be solids. No other option. But then when I went in my solids fabric bin, I found the bundle of shot cottons and so many of the colours were just perfect. I don’t think it could have come out better.

      Too much honesty isn’t always a good thing… as long as I’m not an asshole about it, I think it’s okay. I don’t believe in astrology, but there are those who would say my critical side is because I’m a virgo haha… I think it’s a sheepish thing (let me point out the flaws before anyone else has a chance to) rather than anything else and I don’t really love that. I should just let the flaws go, no comment necessary, you know? (No self-analysis necessary either though :D)


    1. Thank you! She says she does like the pillow – it’s out on one of the chairs in the living room, anyway, so that’s something! We have red curtains in our living room and it definitely works in that sense (mostly everything else is grey, so it stands out).


    1. Thank you! Hopefully once I get through these small projects I’ll be able to move on to working on some of the bigger ones again. Its nice to have a variety of things to work on though! I’m trying not to start too many new things this year, so if I can keep my mind occupied with a variety of other things maybe that’ll help.

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  2. I actually almost started that trinkets qal. But it was just one. more. thing. you know. I love your colors, it’s going to be stunning when it’s finished. And the hearts are fun, too. OMG that pillow is AMAZING. just fantastic. WOW! I’m with you on the embroidery kit. I was just doing a bit of embroidery recently and was like WHY DO I HAVE ALL THIS FLOSS WHEN I ALMOST NEVER EMBROIDER. I bought it all like a madwoman for doing titles on my PoD all those years ago. I’m going to go through and take as many full skeins as I can find and put them in a baggie and donate them. Sheesh. DO.NOT.NEED. Anyway it’s super cute! Your quilting is always so pretty. I think because you quilt things to death that’s how you have gotten so much practice in and gotten so good. It’s hard to stop yourself somethings when you are on a roll too.So good to see you again, and sooner!


  3. Trinkets are coming along. I don’t remember what the original pattern called for. I did 80 blocks with a random distribution. Except it never feels random as I spent way too much time with the layout. I like how you split the rainbow. Great Idea

    The Holiday needle work turned out really beautiful. Nice work

    I adore the Fox pillow. The bear pillow looks like it’s going to be equally as gorgeous.

    Happy Crafting


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