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TTMT #417 – jewells68 – February 1, 2022 – Something Fishy In Here

In which I talk about finishing the quilting on my great-nephew’s quilt, piecing a back for a Project Linus quilt, and a quick life update.

16 thoughts on “TTMT #417 – jewells68 – February 1, 2022 – Something Fishy In Here

    1. It was a decision I agonized over, but I knew that I needed to make a change and that this was the right decision for me. It’s fantastic to start getting things done, sleep better, and just feel better altogether.


  1. Congratulations on your semi-retirement. I look forward to seeing your regular posts. The back you pieced has some fun fabrics in it. Crafty nights are great to go to. Happy Sew Nights…..


  2. Can I just say this…you already look less stressed. I’m happy that you’re able to craft again. I’ve already decided I’m not renewing my contract at the end of the school year. Love that you’re getting out to Craft night. “Sewcializing” feeds the soul.


    1. Less-stressed and better-rested because I am sleeping through most nights now, not waking up thinking about the job. “Sewcializing” was just what I needed to kick off my semi-retirement. As I told my boss, I’ve been working hard since I was a young teenager, and I’m ready to have some fun.


    1. I tell you what, I’m having a hard time remembering what day it is, lol. Now I know why my mom used to go to specific restaurants for breakfast on specific days, it helped her keep track, lol.


      1. Well for sure! With K not having a work schedule either, I’m sure it’s confusing. My kids and hubs schedules help keep mine. Now I have a few weekly engagements that remind me of the days lol. Definitely worse problems to encounter. 😁


        1. It’s helped with Phebe starting classes. At least I know when Tuesday and Thursday are, lol. I’m working on scheduling some regular monthly, if not weekly engagements. Possibly helping out th some community theater costuming as well starting this Sunday. It’s exciting to think then maybe next year we’ll have more plays and musicals again and I can maybe even start auditioning.

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  3. Exciting to have Brayden’s quilt finished! I look forward to seeing it.. I feel like you only showed a tiny bit of it in the past as you were working on it (letters? his name?) but I could also be misremembering for sure!

    So happy you’ve left(ish) that job! I know we all sometimes have to do things that aren’t necessarily in our best interests in order to get by in the world, but I’m glad you were able to leave. I hope if you still need to work (more or full-time or whatever) that you’ll be able to find something more suited to you and less… all-consuming.


    1. I am so happy to have Brayden’s quilt almost done. Still need to cut and sew on the binding. Right now the hardest part of working part time is making myself do things around the house. I’ve never been good at that, but I always used the excuse of not wanting to spend all my free time cleaning. Now I have more free time, but still don’t want to clean!


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