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ttmt 199: Kite Flight

In which I show my finished Kite Flight quilt, a couple boxy zipper pouches, a couple pocket pouches, and some bee blocks.

I filmed all of this by mistake in portrait, which Movie Maker will not edit, so I used a different video editor to crop the video down to something nearly a normal aspect ratio (but, like, the editor doesn’t let you go to any preset, so I just had to guess what looked close to normal) and part of the problem with doing that is that it really messed up the quality of the video. I filmed this on Monday and had thought I’d just record again today, but the temperature dropped a lot over night and it’s far too chilly and windy to stand outside and film it again. So. Bad quality video. And I forgot to take pictures of the quilt while I was out there, so I can’t even put in pictures for you to see! I’ll post pictures another time though!

12 thoughts on “ttmt 199: Kite Flight

  1. I’m always delighted when I realize you have posted. Kite Flight is beautiful, but your fmq freaking phenomenal. It sends the quilt to the next level. And I like your binding bonus. It looks, I don’t know, classy? Anyway, I like it.

    It was so thoughtful of you to remake pouches. I actually felt tears welling up when you shared that. Seriously, go you.

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    1. Aw thanks… such nice things to say! I do enjoy the quilting, but it does really drag out some of my projects! And the pouches… I know the lady it was for really appreciated it, which is gratifying, and her granddaughter liked being able to pick out her favourite. (The pink one, naturally!) I can’t imagine losing everything I owned, or like your son with the theft even just losing the important things, so it was a tiny little thing I felt like I could do when I couldn’t really do anything about the bigger losses.

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  2. The Kite Flight is beautiful. I love your free motion quilting, you did an amazing job. It is great to see a post from you>
    The pouches are so cute, I am sure they are all going to be well loved. I can tell they were made with love.

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  3. The kite flight quilt is totally gorgeous. And your quilting is just amazing. I agree that at least from here you cannot see any difference between the yellow and green thread. And I love what you did with the binding on that. It’s neat. Lame word but I can’t think of anything else, I just think it’s “neato”, lol.

    What a sweet thing to do about the pouches. I know it’s “just a pouch” but it is just that someone is thinking about you and what you lost and I think they will be really touched.

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    1. Haha… neato works πŸ˜€ Sometimes there just aren’t good words.

      Angela Walters talks a lot about how quilting in pale yellow works on (almost) everything and I think I maybe agree. I mean, the pale green worked really well too. I guess they were both such quiet colours that they didn’t interfere with the white in any way, but still worked on mid-toned fabrics. (The darks were a whole other ball of wax. I didn’t want to fuss around with switching threads, but in some ways I wish I had. A kind of charcoal grey might have been a good choice to go over the darkest blues and the darkest greens.)


  4. I love your Kite Flight. It turned out beautifully. It shows great. You did an amazing job on the quilting. Those faint colors really blend well. The pale colors don’t register the color much.

    You always make really beautiful little bags and pouches.

    That was nice of you. It was such a horrifying event. I’m sure these little gestures mean a lot to them.

    Good to see you again.

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