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TTMT #118 Just saying Hi

14 thoughts on “TTMT #118 Just saying Hi

  1. It’s amazing how different this one can look just by having a different color scheme. It’s so lovely. It’s going to be so beautiful yet so different from the first.

    I always find it interesting what parts of quilting some people love and others can’t stand to do, lol. I actually like binding, but I like to do multiple quilts at a time because of preferring to do it with my walking foot on. Like a half dozen quilt the binding to the first side, one after the other, lol. I’ve never tried doing it on my Moxie, but then I really am not a fan of the little plastic channel locks. I really wish they had a better option for channel locks on that machine.


    1. You can do it without channel locks. I don’t use them, but instead I use the square foot. The thing with the channel locks is it assumes the quilt is perfectly straight and square on the frame. Often it’s not that exact. Slow and steady with the square foot is fairly easy.


  2. Hi back! Those Nebula blocks are beautiful! My sewing has slowed down, but I’m eager to get some quality time in now that daughter is back at school and hubby can resume his outside projects with holidays over. They demand a lot of attention…LOL!

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    1. I set myself up for a tough January. I’m hoping February is a little better.

      I oddly feel like the grown and almost grown children at taking more of my time than they did just a few years ago. Like wth is happening? Lol oh well I try to enjoy the time I have them .


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