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TTMT #117 Big Finish

12 thoughts on “TTMT #117 Big Finish

  1. WOW!!!! Your Nebula quilt turned out amazing. The quilting is beautiful. What is the running challenge that you signed up for? I still have my goal of 50 miles per month, but am planning on adding biking to the mix. Happy New Year!


    1. Thanks I’m very pleased with it.

      I’ll let the cat out of the bag if I actually complete it. It just a lot of miles for January. I’m at 37.68 miles as of today. Completely insane on my part but I wanted something to really push me to or past my limits.

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    1. I think 2022 needs to be out true Gen X year… Zero F#%ks let to give lol
      Honestly I have decided my goal is for the year is related to that. Taking care of me with a lot more No/Maybes in the mix. Less pressure, more self care.

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  2. This quit is AWESOME!!! You did a great job! I’m so impressed that you were able to keep up with blocks AND you made a practice one first. It turn out so great the the quilting is beautiful!!


  3. That quilt is just so, freaking, amazingly beautiful! No wonder the family are fighting over it, lol. Just awesome in every way imaginable!

    I have mixed feelings about 2022, too, but at least I am starting it right, lol. I feel like I am ready to beat it into submission, lol.


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