TTMT Video

TTMT #647 – Whew, what a week!

In which I talk about the silent auction wrap-up, our continued efforts with our home Halloween decor, and mostly recovering from last week!

A VERY HAPPY birthday to my BFF Jewells. Her birthday was on Saturday, which was a crazy day for me, but I did manage to say Happy Birthday and I sent her a birthday gift a few weeks ago. ♥

I also mention in this video that I will not be attending the International Quilt Fest this year. I have been debating for weeks and have just decided I do not have it in me this year.

7 thoughts on “TTMT #647 – Whew, what a week!

  1. I will not be attending the Houston International Quilt Festival this year. Maybe next year. Your week sounds similar to mine. Busy with sewing related activities, but not sewing. Glad to hear that your silent auction went well.


  2. One of these years I’m going to make it to the Linus birthday Celebration/Auction. Maybe the next time it falls on my birthday!

    I totally understand not having the bandwidth for the festival. I don’t have it for much of anything anymore, but hoping to make that change soon. *hugs*


  3. I’m glad you skipped it. It was considerably smaller than past festivals. A lot less venders to even look at tables. I had gone looking to buy an AccuQuilt and they weren’t there. Which honestly shocked me. Being local I’m glad I went but I did skip the guild bus because I did not want to be stuck there all day. I think a lot of it was people, just didn’t want to book as a vendor or a trip to worry about it being canceled. I think 2022 will be back to previous sizes to the show.

    I adore all of your Halloween happiness!


    1. I’m glad I skipped, too. I would have liked to have seen the Cherrywood exhibit, but that’s okay. Maybe I’ll catch bits and pieces at other shows over the year. Someone I know who usually works the show but wasn’t needed this year told me that there were no international booths, which I’m sure was a huge hit! Fingers crossed for next year!


      1. No there wasn’t any international booths. I am sure because of uncertainty with travel restrictions it would have been crazy to plan to come. They book a spot so far in advance.

        The Cherrywood exhibit was neat. I have a few photos of favorites. Touching tributes

        I think it will be better once the constant uncertainty is settled down.


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