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TTMT #646 – Bling Box

In which I share my artist supply box turned jewelry box and a peek at one of our Halloween projects! The purple/orange lights were are battery operated and we found them at Target. I didn’t make a note of the manufacturer, sorry about that! The Silent Auction is this weekend and I am sure you’re ready to stop hearing about it. Thank you for watching! ♥

4 thoughts on “TTMT #646 – Bling Box

  1. I am totally in love with that cauldron. The changing fire colors make it soooo witchy!!! I’m sure the smoky look will be good too.
    I need to go through the house and round up my jewelry and organize it. I have no excuse for not keeping it organized; my aunt left me a beautiful jewelry armoire and I tend to just leave my jewelry in whatever room I’m in when I take it off. That is pretty much on the bottom of my to-do list though since I don’t wear jewelry much any more and any “good” jewelry is in the armoire.


    1. Susan, the water mister came and I think it’s even more magical and it’s safe for little fingers. Can’t wait to share!

      My daughter inherited her grandmother’s jewelry armoire and she told me it was a game changer. She likes to coordinate with whatever she’s wearing and has oodles of options! I’ve been organizing here and there for a few months and it’s been a nice change to the chaos that was creeping in!


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