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TTMT #645 – Rainbow Bells

In which I talk about a couple of tiny craft/sewing projects, some things on my To-Do list, & prep for The Linus Connection Silent Auction Fundraiser.

5 thoughts on “TTMT #645 – Rainbow Bells

  1. I used to love things like wind chimes before moving here where it’s so darn windy. And having a next door neighbor that has like, ALL THE WIND CHIMES. I had a small, basically “thinkly” set when we first bought the house that were very quickly destroyed by the wind. But my neighbor. OMG. they have little ones, GIANT ones, and everything in between in both front and back. We have to shut the doors and windows when it’s anything stronger than a light breeze because you cannot hear ANYTHING ELSE, lol. My dad actually built his own after moving here out of jute/twine and galvanized steel pipe. So that they wouldn’t fly away. Think Alpine spring winds on steroids, lol.

    I was just thinking what a cute top that is! That does it, I’m going thrifting today. PERIOD.



    1. That’s why I have bells instead of chimes. They don’t really ring unless they are knocked into, though you might get a little bit of ringing if it is blow-limbs-off-trees windy. We used to have a giant set that was a gift and I gave it away because it sounded like erratic church bells.

      Thrifting for the win!! I want to go again soon. Time for a closet infusion.

      We haven’t seen the kitten again, so NO idea about that!


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