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TTMT#110 Mail Surprise & Quilting

4 thoughts on “TTMT#110 Mail Surprise & Quilting

  1. Wow, you were not joking about how much you received! Welcome to the wonderful world of orphan blocks. As you know, it’s one of my favorite places to play!

    The charity quilt looks great. I was so glad to hear you were up and running again!


  2. That’s a crazy amount of stuff to send for charity quilts! That’ll keep you busy for a while (or maybe hopefully you and some other people). I imagine that’s what’ll happen to my things someday haha… so many finished quilt tops, so few finished quilts.

    Glad to hear your machine is back and running again.. the quilt behind you looks great.


  3. Oh wow so uch stuff. 18 pounds!

    I remember that fabric now. It was for an apron or something. Stockings maybe? And I cut up as much of it as a could into usable squares that were not TOO xmassy and then donated the squares I think.

    Yay for a purring machine!


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