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TTMT #412 – jewells68 – September 21, 2021 – Patriotic Safari Bear

In which I show off a completed Project Linus quilt, made from what I assume was a panel for a pillow or tote, to which I added 3 simple borders. And I actually managed to record on Tuesday morning because I had an early errand before work, and my daughter was already up and about so I took advantage of being up and dressed earlier than usual.

Stay crafty y’all, I’m enjoying watching your videos!

15 thoughts on “TTMT #412 – jewells68 – September 21, 2021 – Patriotic Safari Bear

  1. The new haircut looks awesome!

    Oh, I wonder where my pumpkins have gotten, too…

    Safari Bear, he’s done! Looks great. The loops are awesome.

    I’m so glad you are happy about the Red Snappers. Not stabbing yourself anymore is soooo nice. Loading faster is great, too!


    1. I am loving not having to take time to do much with the hair… towel dry, put in a little product and muss it up.
      I was like, it FEELS like autumn today, so I’m wearing pumpkins!
      Another one ready to wash! Just two more left to bind, but at least one of those has some thread nests I need to fix on the back.

      I am excited about my snappers. Once I get the hang of them I will really speed up my loading!

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    1. I had someone trim it up so it doesn’t grow out all crazily uneven, lol. It’s been nice to have my dry so much faster!

      That was a weird panel but I am happy with the final result. And I love the loops.

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    1. It has been so nice to have one less thing to deal with every weekday. I wash my hair, towel dry, put a little finishing paste in there and rub it around. Easy peasy. Don’t even use a comb and brush anymore, lol.


    1. Thanks! I just don’t have the bandwidth right now to mess with hair, lol. It’s made me have to deal with one less thing which is wonderful. And I like that it doesn’t take forever to dry.


  2. I pulled out a good bit of fall decor last week. I need to feel fall if it’s 90 outside.
    I have a few things from Asheville like that too. Tie dye and keeping it weird. 😁✌🏻

    I love your weird Safari Bear in patriotic colors… because why not?

    He looks good.


    1. that was an odd panel, lol. I get the safari bear, and I get the patriotic, just not why they were together, lol.

      Thanks for commenting on this because it reminded me I need to put the quilts that are bound and labeled in the wash so they are ready to turn in this weekend.

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