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TTMT # 109 Field Trip & Pokémon

Here is a better view of the Ombré fabrics and FQs I picked up from The Quilted Skein.

6 thoughts on “TTMT # 109 Field Trip & Pokémon

  1. So happy you ladies were able to meet up! I can’t wait for a trip to Texas to meet y’all.
    OMG! Look what I bought last Thursday…except I did buy the big heads! LOL!


  2. Thank you for going and seeing my quilt. I am so glad you and Jennifer O were able to meet up. The fabrics you purchased are really pretty. The ombre with the circles is my favorite.

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  3. Sing, Frito, sing!

    Last week was so fun. I definitely needed that. Your fabric is sooo good. The hexies are yum!

    Woo, Pokémon is really coming along! Love the borders.

    Quiltcon feels like it was a decade ago…


    1. Frito’s mask m.o. is walking around the house screaming or as you so kindly call it singing. I’m so used to it I didn’t even notice he was tapping. Also that would be from downstairs as he is allowed up. 🤣

      Yes it was definitely needed! And delightful as always.

      QuiltCon feels like something I imagined in some other alternative universe. Truly unable to track time these days.

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  4. That’s some fantastic fabric, omg the cats are too cute. Also the fabric right below the hexies, I’m pretty sure I have some of that but I can’t remember which and of course that means I have way too much darn fabric!

    The pokemon are looking great. I like the idea of them floating.


  5. The Pokemon blocks look great.. I haven’t seen any pokemon in a very very long time, but I used to babysit and used to know the names of various of those things and nearly none of them look familiar to me! Everything keeps on changing I guess 😀

    Sounds like a fun excursion! Those ombres are really cool.. I particularly like the purple/blue one.


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