TTMT Video

TTMT#91421-Fallin’ in Love

LOL! Had to add this after reading Jennifer R’s post. I bought these last week too.

5 thoughts on “TTMT#91421-Fallin’ in Love

  1. Happy Birthday to your hubby.

    I like how that turned out. So vibrant and beautiful. I think you use whatever thread your machine loves. I hate when people say you have to use this or that one. Use what works for you.
    The backing is really perfect for it.

    Ugh I agree! I want it all to stop. I’m so flipping tired of the chaos everywhere. 😴

    Happy Crafting


  2. The quilt looks great! I love the jewel tones.

    I use whatever thread I like. Although right now my moxie sees to be having trouble with any thread I use on it. So I need to throw a practice piece on there and do some troubleshooting. but I have had great results with some thread and then the next time I use it it eyelashes like crazy. So you know, just leave yourself room to get your tension straight with whatever it is and it’s fine.

    Happy birthday to the hubs!


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