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TTMT 83 Knitted Blanket

Hi everyone, one more knitted blanket completed.

5 thoughts on “TTMT 83 Knitted Blanket

  1. It’s always interesting to finish up someone else’s work. You did a great job putting together the rectangles and squares. It’s good to hear your tests were negative. Fingers crossed the Covid test is, too. Hope to see you next week!


  2. Oh yay we get to see you again. I’m sorry you are in isolation. I hope the covid test is negative. I am so glad to hear you are negative for the cancer. I went back on birth control pills for a few years when my perimenopausal symptoms were at their worst. Thankfully I’m on the tail end of that I think. *fingers crossed*

    I don’t enjoy making clothes ether but have been thinking of taking a class at my local shop in the next few months. Something simple, though, lol. I get really confused with written patterns so I thought a class might be good.


  3. The blanket is lovely. Very happy and bright feeling.

    Glad your cancer scare was nothing to worry about. I definitely relate to the endless testing to figure what on earth is going on. I hope the meds sort everything out for you.

    We’ve had to isolate a few times after potential exposures. It’s truly no fun and quite stressful.
    I am happy to see you again.

    Happy Crafting and take care.


  4. The blanket is very nice. I like how you made all the squares and rectangles fit together.
    Glad to hear your cancer tests were negative. Let’s pray for a negative vivid test too.


  5. Hoping all is well, Vanda! Glad to hear about the negative cancer tests, but I hope the covid ones were also negative.

    The blanket looks very nice, for being a mix up a random sized blocks – you did great making something out of them!


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