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TTMT #111 Just Saying Hi!

5 thoughts on “TTMT #111 Just Saying Hi!

  1. Hi sweetie! Love that you are showing us your finishes on your cell phone. Very cool. The temp quilt is coming right along. You wouldn’t normally have the freeze colors would you?
    Glad you had some time with your grands!
    Have a lovely, crafty week.


  2. Hey, lady! It’s always good to see you.

    I love your phone show & tell! I’m so glad you got to see the grandkids. That is a fast and furious trip, but I am sure it’s worth it.

    Oh, your temperature blanket looks wonderful.


  3. Hi 👋🏻

    I love your finishes. I love that you are getting to see them again. It was just so darn long.

    Ooooh the temperature blanket is beautiful. I really love that.

    Happy Crafting


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