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TTMT #107 Bad timing ⏱

10 thoughts on “TTMT #107 Bad timing ⏱

  1. So, your quilt top is gorgeous and also freaking huge! Well done, you!

    I am frustrated on your behalf for your timing issue! The authorized Grace dealer in Temple where I get my machine serviced offers short-term rentals for long-arm Quilters when they are getting their machine service. I don’t know if anyone in your area does that, but it might be a help especially if you have customer quilts to do.

    I’ll be thinking good thoughts for back to school. I know how I feel about having an adult in school I can’t even imagine how you’re feeling! *hugs*


  2. What a glorious quilt!
    As for your machine, i am so sorry it’s not well. What an annoyance for you. I’ll hold off on sending the Clover All Over – I don’t want to contribute to your backlog of quilts to do. I have no deadline for it; my nephew doesn’t even know about it.
    Sending all the good thoughts for back-to-school! That has got to be a source of stress for you.


  3. Bummer on the timing of your machine. Hopefully, you can get the video link for fixing it.
    The Nebula quilt turned out fabulous.


  4. Wow that quilt top is freaking HUGE and so gorgeous!!! your background surround of the the center design is so perfect. Well done, you! Ugh I feel your pain on the machine issues. So frustrating! I am a month behind on these videos so I’m hoping by no it’s all fixed and you are up and running again. I hope school is going ok for the kiddo, too. I can’t even imagine. Ugh.


    1. It’s still at the Spa 😭

      I am hoping it’s coming home soon. I am super thrilled with Nebula. I have to finish my second one still.
      I have been sewing at a snails pace lately.

      The adjustment back is definitely a huge one. I think it’s ok all things considered. You can see the impact of the last 18 months & the impact of the ongoing health concerns for sure. Thankfully she is a strong one and hangs in there.


  5. The quilt top looks great!

    I’m just catching up on commentng on older videos and am hoping your machine is fixed by now! What a long wait between this video and the last one you posted (mid-Sept)!


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