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TTMT #94 Stargate Quilt and a bit of FMQ

Health update: My doctor finally cleared me for the COVID shot, had that done a little over a week ago. I no longer have the bacteria infection, but it did leave me with some unpleasant tummy issues. That will heal in time.

6 thoughts on “TTMT #94 Stargate Quilt and a bit of FMQ

  1. I am so happy we are sharing your Stargate quilt now! When I sat down to do the calendar about a month ago I realized that I hadn’t put anything on Sundays starting in August and that’s how you ended up on Sundays!

    Good luck with your quilting! I keep meaning to try a sampler like that and I have not done so. Sometimes life just says Nope.

    I’m so glad to hear that you were cleared for your vaccine. That is excellent news! I really hope you and your husband enjoy your mini vacation.


  2. Yeah for getting the vaccine and getting better.

    Your Stargate quilts are beautiful. The quilting turned out great. Good job Jennifer and Jeannie.


  3. The stargate quilt is just amazing, so cool! I am glad you are feeling better and I like your idea about the circles. Also I use a glass paperweight sometimes to keep yardage from moving when I am cutting part of it. I also use it on top of a paper pattern that I want to trace around.

    I am the same way following patterns. That is why I haven’t purchased a preprinted sampler like that. But that is also why I bought a pkg of the tearaway pantograph patterns. I haven’t tried them yet but you put a bit of basting spray on the back and stick it on top of your quilt and quilt right through the paper. It doesn’t matter if you stray off the pattern because no one will see the original pattern. After stitching you carefully tear the paper off. That’s why I also wanted to try stencils… same reason, once you wash the quilt the original pattern is gone and all you see is the stitching. It’s a bit more forgiving, which I definitely need!


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