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TTMT 8-10-21: Completed quilt and completed flimsy

Wanda and Vanessa holding up Wanda’s quilt in the wind.
Chris’s quilt (I can’t remember if I posted this or not.)

8 thoughts on “TTMT 8-10-21: Completed quilt and completed flimsy

    1. That would be wonderful! My sister-in-law and I are going to a weekend sewing retreat in Warsaw the weekend of September 24-26 in Warsaw.. Why don’t you join us for for part or all of it?


  1. The Harry Potter Bookshelf Quilt turned out great. Live the clover all over quilt in greens. Your son’s quilt is neat.

    I look forward to seeing the blocks and quilt with the fabric that you purchased from Corner Curve Quilt.

    Hope you have been sleeping better.

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  2. The Harry Potter quilt is wonderful. I bet some of the kids will know Harry Potter. One of my first graders and I dressed as Harry and Professor McGonagoll just by chance one Halloween.
    I love the quilt. It will make a great classroom decoration!

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  3. Oh I’m so glad she loved it. You did a fabulous job on it. My younger two kids were reading HP in Kindergarten. They would have been over the moon with that quilt. It’s never ever to early 😁
    Oh I probably have photos somewhere of the quilting that I can post for you. It was a fun pattern.

    Oooh very pretty clover all of over. I love that pattern. It’s so nice

    Happy Crafting


    1. I agree that it’s never too early and it’s also never too late. I was 50 when I started reading HP. If you could post pics of the quilting, I’d appreciate it.

      I’m glad you like the clover all over because it will be sent to you soon!

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  4. Lady, it is so good to see and hear you! I was having a down day and then here you are with a Harry Potter quilt AND a Clover All Over. I look forward to seeing your not a Christmas quilt. Big hugs! ❤️


  5. Playing catchup again this morning, your HP quilt looks terrific and she looks so happy with it! Chris’ quilt is also just beautiful. You do such a great job of choosing and combining colors and fabrics. That clover all over wth the greens, WOW. So pretty!


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