TTMT Video

TTMT8321-Fun stuff

Before…look to the far right.

After…now look at the far right

5 thoughts on “TTMT8321-Fun stuff

  1. I love the Vermont quilt. What a fun idea for him. It’s a cool pattern she did.

    I have seen those lights and wondered how they work. It looks a lot brighter.

    I hope the rest of your house stuff gets finished quickly for you. Have fun driveway camping lol


  2. I love that Vermont quilt. Those colors are probably what I would have chosen.
    Your new sewing space is going to be fantastic. I like the lighting; I could definitely see the increase in the brightness. I might have to get one of those for my little sewing room.

    Alone time? What is that? The only time I have alone time is when Tim takes 15 minutes to go to the cigar shop.


  3. I am loving your nephew’s quilt. It’s really beautiful. Use that beautiful fabric!

    Quiet time is SO important. Solitude has been hard to come by for a while now!

    I have almost the same light in my garage as recommended by Jewells. It REALLY makes a difference!


  4. Those LED shop lights are fantastic, that screw right onto the fixture. I love mine. SO BRIGHT! I was able to give my husband the old LED bar shop light that looks like a traditional fluorescent shop light for the garage. I just put a cup hook in the ceiling and used a cheap ikea hanging light cord since I didn’t have a fixture where I needed the light.

    The vermont quilt is so beautiful. I’m glad you are using your “special” fabrics. I’m digging into mine for a quilt right now, too.

    Ok, way to leave us hanging there in suspense with the end of your video! lol


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