TTMT Video

TTMT 8-3-2021

A few corrections – They were putting in sheetrock!! She’s bringing recipes not patterns!!

The t-rex has been newly discovered – not just new to the museum.

Also, we need to put all the pictures on the walls and make the top of my cabinets look better.

4 thoughts on “TTMT 8-3-2021

  1. Oh what a huge job! I’m glad they are finishing up

    I love your hats. They are always great.

    Those socks are fabulous! Enjoy those new socks.

    It sounds like a fun plan with the grandkids. We haven’t been to the Natural History Museum yet. We need to get there before that T-Rex leaves.

    Your house is looking great. I love the cool. So open and bright feeling.

    Talk care and stay cool.


  2. The socks look fabulous. I like all the hats you have made. Your walls are looking good. What a great feeling it must be to get that project done.


  3. Hey, you, it’s nice to see you!

    Repiped! That’s such a big job. I’m sure that has been a bit chaotic. You’re just updating all around! I’m sure it feels really fresh and clean.

    Your hats are always cute. I love the grey rippley one. Cute, cute socks! They remind me of sherbet.

    Enjoy your safari! Sounds fun.


  4. So good to see you! Oh my, that’s a home job we have coming in the next few years, very probably. Not looking forward to that because the house is like 75ish years old and has a crawl space. We’ve been putting off some other replace/repairs for when the the re-piping has to be redone because it will likely be more efficient to do them all at once. Ugh. Your freshly painted walls look beautiful!

    Those hats are just so beautiful! Your knitting always looks so precise and pretty. And fast! I just plod when I knit, lol.

    That sounds like a great visit with the grand kids! What fun activities. My daughter’s favorite thing always was the natural history museum. She’s been trying to get a part time job there because she loves it so much.


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