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TTMT #636 – Fronts, Backs, & Crochet

In which I share a surprising amount of finishes! I have been working on some DIY projects over the last week, too, but I’m pacing myself in hopes of avoiding aggravating the repetitive stress injury in my right shoulder. So far, so good!

8 thoughts on “TTMT #636 – Fronts, Backs, & Crochet

  1. Oh I relate to trying to not over due it on DIY. I hope it goes quickly.

    I love the one with Panda block. Such fun blocks in there. Of course they all look fabulous. Your quilting looks really good. You’ve mastered those swirls.

    Oooh I like that blanket. How fun to find it so far along. It was therapy to crochet! It’s really amazing how well you’ve come along post surgery.

    Happy DIYing.


    1. So far, so good on the DIY. I have about half of a new floor installed in G’s room. I desperately want to paint in there, too, but it’s been the same since he was five and he asked me to wait one more year. I suspect after that it won’t be “his” room anymore.

      I’m still in a swirl mood so there may well be more to come!!


  2. WOW! That’s a lot of quilt finishes for one week. Amazing. And they all turned out so cute. I love that crocheted blanket. Such happy colors. Thank you for taking my orphans, dressing them up and sending them out to someone who needs a hug. It makes me so happy to see them being put to good use.


    1. I’ve been quilting here and there and binding when I can. It definitely adds up! Thank you for the sweet donations. I very much enjoyed finishing your top up and using the cuddly flannels you shared!


  3. I love the swirl quilting… I noticed that when you posted on Instagram.. it looks so good! These are all very cute, but I especially like the panda, because… panda!

    That crochet blanket looks awesome.. great colours and I like the openness of the pattern.


  4. Getting some TTMT in over my morning coffee. I loved that panda orphan block quilt so much! I remember when you were piecing that and we were talking about how it looked lke the panda was eating the big leaf, lol. Gah, how I miss being able to chat with you all day long. 😦

    Such beautiful quilts! I ended up ripping out that mitred granny and starting over at the last Linus meeting… I just didn’t dig how it was looking color-wise. It felt good to crochet again, but frankly my hands couldn’t take much. I love how your stripes came out… each one just really POPS.


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