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TTMT #410 – jewells68 – August 1, 2021 – A Pressing Matter

In which I introduce you to several new items in the Project Room and go into probably way too much detail about my new pressing station that I finished assembling today. Next weekend I can start sewing again… it’s about time!

10 thoughts on “TTMT #410 – jewells68 – August 1, 2021 – A Pressing Matter

  1. Wow, you have been busy changing your sewing room around and getting it organized to your liking. You will love the cordless iron. I miss my Maytag cordless that I had years ago. It was great for ironing the middle of big quilts without having to get the extension cord. It just cooled off to quickly at times. Cordless, just like the first cast iron irons.
    I like the blocks hanging on the wall behind you. Enjoy your work space.


    1. Once that Moxie got in here I had no choice but to rethink and rearrange, and actually finally replace some furniture. This pressing station isn’t too pretty, but it gets the job done AND I recycled stuff from the old one, which made me happy. I still need to tweak the cutting station a bit, but that can wait until I’ve had a chance to actually do some sewing. My brain is just too tired in the evenings after work, but now at least I can have a marathon session on Saturday and/or Sunday again.

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    1. I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to buy it, even if I had the time and energy to post it for sale, and I couldn’t bear to put it in the landfill, even only parts of it, because I felt like it was still so usable, so this way my husband gets a new little bookshelf and I get a pressing station that fits my space, and the only thing that got thrown away was the old ironing board cover. Even the ironing board legs went into the recycle bin.

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  2. Yay! So good to see your face!

    I know life is busy for you. Just good to see you.

    The pressing station looks great.
    I’m sure that was a chore to get that ironing board apart.

    All the wheels 🤣

    Oh I have used that iron. One of my quilty friends had that iron at Bee a few weeks ago. It was delightful to use.

    Happy Crafting and have a good week.


    1. using what I had was a combination of me not wanting to leave the house to go to Lowe’s/Home Depot and wanting to save the parts of the old pressing station from the landfill. I ended up using almost every bit of the old one except the top (which will go back in the garage to be used for something else later) and the other cubicle, which is in better shape and Ken plans to use for something, so it was definitely a win all around.

      I really preferred having a dry iron, since I don’t use steam, but this iron is lighter and so much less dangerous to have in my tight crafting area. It’s so easy to use, I love it!

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  3. I love the way you can make things over and perfecting them for their use. You’re not only innovative, but you have the skills to make work. I am looking forward to seeing the projects that come from this new room configuration.


    1. I still have enough of my parents’ depression era mentality to think there was no way I was throwing this thing away, but it was just so HUGE in the new space. So I’m glad I found a way to salvage most of it into a smaller unit. I look forward to actually using the room now. I need to finish putting things away and I need a storage solution for my rulers/templates for the cutting area. but I will worry about that later. I miss sewing!


  4. Hogwarts Stairs OBVIOUSLY needs wheels! Makes total sense with your hardwood floors. I love that I know where you’re standing because I have seen it with my OWN EYES. This pleases me a whole lot.

    I’m looking forward to a full report on how much you like your new ironing station after you’ve had some time to really use it. It looks great. Perfect height and, love the storage, and, of course, WHEELS.

    I’m really glad you love your new iron. Having the right feel for our tools makes such a difference!


    1. the best thing is the only $$ I spent was the $6 vintage ironing board and the new cover for it! So If I end up scrapping this one after a while because I like something better, it’s not like a spent a ton of money on it.

      The iron is pretty handy. It’s not like I do a lot of ironing at a time. I read the reviews and some people felt like it didn’t stay hot enough long enough, but it’s been perfectly hot every time I needed it. Maybe if I were ironing a bunch of yardage it would be less effective, but since that isn’t something that really happens around here it’s worked just fine for me.

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