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TTMT #138 – Falling Leaves and Table Tennis

I’m pretty sure I showed you the BB+ Block 8 last week. Sorry.

12 thoughts on “TTMT #138 – Falling Leaves and Table Tennis

  1. Your newest quilt looks great.
    I need to spend more time designing. I have been working on writing directions for a couple more quilts. Then I need to make samples.


    1. Thanks. After designing, I usually (1) test the pattern, (2) make my sample, and (3) write the pattern at the same time. What I need to do more of is the actual longarming. Can’t wait to get a look at what you’re working on now.

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      1. Starting on my next mystery quilt, but not liking part of it. I do love the colors I have picked. Currently playing with my other Cy Star related designs.


  2. I love, love your 4″ strip quilt. It’s so striking.

    Your weekend sounds lovely. I’m so glad you got to have some time away.

    My orange kitties would rather have trash than any other toy ever! Having a fetcher is so much fun. Iliad is our go-getter!


    1. Thanks. Once I get the pattern perfected, if you would like to make one I’ll give you the pattern.

      Sometimes my kids preferred boxes and trash, too. Yes, fetching with a kitty is fun–but still just a little humorously unpredictable.


    1. Thanks. I me with a friend to talk about how I’m going to quilt the Falling Leaves (strips). We came up with a really great plan. Soon.

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  3. The 4″ strip quilt is lovely, I like the fabric combination.

    So glad you got a nice weekend to relax. I’m working on getting my sewjo back by working more on the project room itself. Good place to sew means I’ll be wanting to get in there and sew instead of sprawling on the sofa in front of the tv all weekend.


    1. That works for me. When I organize and make the place nice I want to sew. I used to do that between each project, but…. Thinks have changed/accelerated.

      I really hope I can get that quilt top quilted this week. We’ll see.


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