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TTMT#72120-Lots of updates/changes

6 thoughts on “TTMT#72120-Lots of updates/changes

  1. Good grief, lady, talk about a full plate! I sure hope you can enjoy yourself with all the new and changing responsibilities.

    Here’s hoping you have your house back to yourself sooner rather than later. That’s a lot.

    The memory quilt tops are just lovely. Simple was an excellent choice!


  2. WOW! You certainly know how to take on responsibilities. Best of luck with all of the changes, The memory quilts are so nice; simple was a great decision.
    I hope all of your renovations are done soon and .that you are able to enjoy all of your home
    I also hope that you are able to get some much needed sleep soon and can get on a sleep schedule.


  3. Enjoy the time with your MIL. A Jane Sickle impersonator, that would be neat to see. I have not worked on my Dear Jane quilt in a while. I would love to see the quilt.
    I love the bling and sparkle you added to the dragonfly.
    Why is it so hard to get people to volunteer? My guild is similar.


  4. Well, I think the decision to do the sew days/ufo finish is a brilliant solution. And the first person to voice a complaint of fewer workshops is automatically made the workshop chair/coordinator. Make sure that is sent out in the next newsletter, lol.

    I’m amazed you have still managed to accomplish so much with all the things going on. I basically just gave in to the exhaustion and veg out every weekend, but you just do do do do do. and push through it.
    Here’s hoping you get some time to relax soon and get some things done for YOU.


  5. The memory quilts look really lovely. I like a simple plaid top like that – it makes a comforting quilt and that’s what you want for a memory quilt.

    The dragonfly is really beautiful.. it looks great!


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