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TTMT # 105 Growing Background

7 thoughts on “TTMT # 105 Growing Background

  1. Woo, look at it grow! It’s looking fantastic.

    I love that you and Sarah are getting to hang out. Bonus to moving to the Houston area!

    I agree with you. I’m also fine wearing a mask everywhere if it means not having to stay home all the time!


    1. Texas offers lots of Bonuses 😁

      I don’t think I remember the last time in my life I had this much desire to be social. I’m generally picky about my social energy. I don’t know if that will ever return after Pandemic.

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  2. So Albuquerque is now a “hot zone” according to the CDC map and yesterday my office instigated mandatory mask wearing regardless of vaccine status. I am ok with that since the person I share an office with has admitted to being unvaccinated and was not complying with the current rules anyway, which was that unvaccinated have to wear it at all times in the building. She asked me if I had gotten the shot and my response was “Of course, first chance I got!”.

    The background would make a fantastic quilt all on its own, it’s really pretty! But dang that’s going to be a huge quilt!


    1. Thankfully my husband never stopped wearing his. He knew a few people that were not following the policy to wear them if you are unvaccinated. I am amazed the number of people that lie to their employers about getting vaccinated to avoid a mask. Like if they ever mandated the vaccine or ask for proof you can get fired for lying. I can’t believe wearing a mask is worth risking your health & wealth…sigh

      I hope she changes her mind of being vaccinated. I’m sure our family friend that died in April wished he had taken vaccine too.

      The Nebula quilts are big. Do I know what I’m doing with them? Not a clue lol I was just obsessed with them.


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