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TTMT #136 – BWQS #4, BB+ # 6&7, Center of Placidity

16 thoughts on “TTMT #136 – BWQS #4, BB+ # 6&7, Center of Placidity

  1. Your baby is sooooo cute! He’s getting big and is clearly a bit of a handful!

    Your new quilt design is amazing. The repeats are just delightful.

    I’m looking forward to see how much quilting you are about to knock out!


    1. Henry is just such a great baby! Cuddly, sweet, obedient, and a hellfire on wheels!

      I really like this design. I have enough fabric to make two, but we’ll see how I feel after I get through the first one. I keep telling myself it’s “just 2 blocks, and just 4 of Block 1”. One piece at a time and it’s getting going.

      I’m looking forward to that, too. I will not run out of quilts, that’s for sure. This afternoon, I decided how I was going to quilt the next four. So I’m good to go tomorrow.

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  2. I love your grey, white and teal block. That quilt is going to be stunning. Wow 40+ quilts waiting to be quilted. Spending time with Molly should help.


    1. I’m ready to start tomorrow. Those are just the ones at Molly’s house ready to go…not the 40+ I have in a closet here that I need to go through and look at from before I left Minnesota.

      I really like this one, and am looking forward to seeing it come to life.

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        1. Yep. Not counting the 150+ I haven’t finished piecing. I’ve been doing this a very long time, and since 1/2019 almost daily. I started piecing this new one and two others this week, and start an Olympics-themed one Friday. I’m trying to start less but the ideas just keep coming…even though I’m designing a lot more than I’m piecing. I’m learning a LOT right now. This is just the quilting. I’m also taking Masterclasses and reading books on business/marketing–it’s been a long time since college and things have changed. I’m exhausted from all this for a few years now. My top priorities this week is to make a better logo (not totally sold on the one I’ve been using for 2 years) and figure out a website host (I’ve had a domain name for a while now). But…the result is over 80 quilts to be quilted. And others (some bigger lists) at all different stages of the process.

          Hopefully you’ll be seeing quilted things starting today, and then my biggest list will be binding. I only have about 10 ready to be bound.

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          1. I went with Like Sew for my website. The inventory part it good. The auto send if PDF patterns is good, but the down side is I don’t get a confirmation that it was emailed out. When I called, the guy I worked with was able to look it up and confirmed the patterns had been sent. They seam to be kind of slow to respond when I send an email with questions (a couple days), but I usually end up sending questions at night or on the weekend and want to move forward with what I am working on right away. Most of the time I have figured out a way to do what I want before I hear back from them.


  3. Henry is so handsome. I love seeing him just pop up behind you every now and then. What a cutie!

    The new design is so lovely. Your patterns are so interesting and intricate. You are going to get so much quilting done!


    1. Henry’s a joy. I really like my designs (obviously). I have TONS that I don’t show off that are nice, but not interesting enough to get to use my limited time piecing. Looking forward to quilting starting today!


  4. Henry is everything! Such a beautiful boy. He’s going to keep you on your toes!
    You have always got a mystery quilt or two (or more) going on. Wish I were half as productive as you.
    I love the colors for your beautiful new quilt design.
    Sounds like you have a good plan for getting things done for your new business.


    1. I definitely stay busy. I have a plan…we’ll see how good it is in a few weeks. I’m making things I like, so let’s hope others like them too.

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  5. Henry is just so adorable.
    I’m sure he is a handful as he is exploring his new place and growing abilities.

    Your design looks really cool.
    I can do a Y seam but don’t love the process.

    Happy Quilting


    1. I don’t love Y-seams, but don’t really dislike them, either. In designs where changing the y-seam to something else (like an HST) will destroy the “look” I just do them and remember that they are not bad. But I don’t intentionally use them when I don’t have to.


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