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Holiday Deadlines

Good morning my friends! I’m going to jump right in this morning and say it is seriously unlikely I will get a video made until the weekend. We are closed Monday for the Independence Day Holiday, and while in broadcasting we are always working “in the future” since we have to have the day’s schedule in advance of broadcast, in the case of a Monday holiday, our deadlines are shifted even earlier. So for instance today by noon I have to have the Thursday AND Friday commercial logs ready for the traffic hub in Salt Lake City to finalize. And I just barely got through my initial workings of Thursday log at 545pm last night after not even taking a lunch break. I am still pretty slow at this job, and that was with the person I am replacing doing half of the logs! Then tomorrow the weekend logs have to be done by noon, and so on and so on. Friday is basically the day for last minute changes. SO, I’m going out on a limb and saying no video until the weekend.

That being said, I have been quilting on my weekends, and I quilted THREE tops for Project Linus this past weekend. One larger one and two baby sized. AND the best part was after thoroughly cleaning the tracks and wheels and encoder wheels and checking to make sure nothing was interfering with the encoders, I quilted all three in Precise mode, which means REGULATED STITCHING. Here’s hoping I manage to do do more quilting this weekend, though I want to get some more work done on the flying geese/panel quilt, too. And unless it’s raining I will likely have some weed whacking to do, it’s finally monsoon season here and it’s going to be raining off and on all week. Hopefully it will be enough to alleviate some of our drought.

Meanwhile I HAVE been catching up on your videos, finally, I’m only about 2 weeks behind now. The long weekend should help with that as well. Take care all of you and have a good, crafty week!


5 thoughts on “Holiday Deadlines

  1. Thanks for checking in. My dad retired from broadcasting after 42 years, so I get that.
    Looking forward to seeing your new quilts.
    I, too, am behind in watching the TTMT videos, but will catch up in the next few days.
    I hope your weekend is a proper reward for your hard work this week.


    1. TV schedules especially weekend sports and weekday prime time, seem to change CONSTANTLY. I wish I still had the little grey cells I had 20 years ago to learn all this stuff, but I think they disappeared in a bottle (or two) of wine.


      1. They’re there…just sometimes a little harder to show themselves. During hurricanes and emergencies (including the Cuban Missile Crisis), my dad was always at the TV station and my mom was home alone with 4 kids. I understand schedule changes. You’ll get used to it in no time.


  2. I’m glad you came on to say Hi and give us job info. You will learn your role soon and not feel so overwhelmed. New jobs are stressful. Do you have anyone there that you already knew or is everyone new to you? I remember how hard it was to be the new teacher on the grade level. No fun.
    Glad you are getting some creative time and that the machine is being a good girl/boy.

    Have a good day off. Hugs


    1. Yes, there are several people there I know. One also works part time at the place that laid me off, so I know him most recently. The others are people I worked with many years ago. And one of my new coworkers just friended me on facebook and she is a quilter and knitter, so I think once I get the opportunity to settle into my new role I will have to opportunity to chat more at the water cooler and get to know more people.


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