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TTMT#6262021-Kindy finish

5 thoughts on “TTMT#6262021-Kindy finish

  1. Wow! The Kinder quilt turned out great. Enjoy all the commotion with the construction, camping and company. I am sure you will enjoy your new entryway. Camping is always fun, hopefully the rain stays away. But a crafty project will be helpful, if it does rain. Family time is always good.


  2. Sooooo, someone else you know is going to Maine soon. We just missed each other!

    The kinder quilt is so very precious. You did a wonderful job!

    Good luck with all the building stuff. I hope you have exactly what you want when they are done.


  3. Nothing like builders/construction to make a shitshow of everything 😀 It’ll be really great to have done, though, won’t it?

    Great backing for the school quilt! The quilting looks excellent. Great job all around!


  4. I hear ya! My guy working on the bathroom literally texted me one morning saying he was on his way.
    Tree trimmer didn’t even call. Just heard an loud noise outside 🙄

    Oh I adore the Kinder quilt. So precious! It looks fabulous.

    It’s good to be busy with all the summer fun!

    Happy Crafting & Camping


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