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TTMT #92 He-man Battle Cat

I’ve been working on several different things this week.

7 thoughts on “TTMT #92 He-man Battle Cat

  1. The flags look good- very patriotic. I like the placemats idea.
    Battle cat is going to be big. Enjoy your time off next week.


  2. HE Man and his friends are all after my time, but I used to babysit my nephews and they used to watch it. OMG those patterns are great!

    Oh my Elvis finished just wonderfully! And I love how you did the backing!


  3. You’ve been a busy lady. I love that Flag. It would make great placemats.

    I am so glad you started Battle Cat.
    It’s gonna be amazing. I don’t think you need to fix the pattern unless you want to do so.

    Happy Crafting


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