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TTMT #630 – June Linus!

In which I finish my June donations for The Linus Connection.

I have received some fantastic mail full of quilt tops, orphan blocks! I’ll be sharing that next week! ♥

7 thoughts on “TTMT #630 – June Linus!

  1. The Linus Quilts turned out great. The red, white and Black backing is beautiful. Enjoy spending time with your son and getting him moved into his new place.

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  2. I am loving cranking out two at a time for Linus. Thanks to you sending me yardage for backs of the tops you sent I’m getting through more than I thought I would! If we don’t have lightning this weekend I might crank out a couple more!

    Haha Dipper, he totally has a “why are you watching me?!” look on his face.


  3. Fun to see the little quilt with the sunlight & shadows quilt blocks! It’s good that you can use them (even though I didn’t find a lot of the fabrics very child friendly exactly). That red and black backing is really pretty!

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