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TTMT #91 Organizing and what’s next

6 thoughts on “TTMT #91 Organizing and what’s next

  1. I love a scrappy string quilt… nice of your husband to help you out with cutting the strings too haha!

    I like the quilt for your grandson, and agree about the half hulk head … there’s something a little fun and malevolent about his head just peeking up like that 😀


  2. I love the way your grandson’s quilt turned out. String quilts are fun, I like to do them as QAYG.
    Organizing the fabrics and sewing room is good. I need to work on mine and get the stuff I put in the family room back into the sewing room. Happy sewing!


  3. Lol the Swamp Thing cracked me up. I remember that guy. I like what you did with the Hulk.

    I desperately need to organize my space. I just can’t decide how to do it. Now it’s just slowly piling up. Lol

    Oh nice ironing board. That’s perfect.

    If you fix your He-man on the fly it’s ok if you just don’t put it out for others. Sometimes I get hung up on that and never do something for myself. I think finished for you is better than never done because you can’t share it.

    Your grandson’s quilt looks fantastic.

    Happy Crafting


  4. I love how the hulk peeking in there looks, what a great solution! I also like the idea of your platforms under the quilting frame. I still need to improve my under-frame storage.


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