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TTMT #134 – still working on red stars, BWQS WAL — and MEET HENRY!

14 thoughts on “TTMT #134 – still working on red stars, BWQS WAL — and MEET HENRY!

    1. Thanks. You were right when you met him…he’s up for every adventure he runs across. He eats hard, plays hard, and sleeps hard. And then repeats. My kind of kitty.

      I forgot to show his great beans…next week.

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  1. Henry is adorable. He is going to keep you on your toes.
    Glad you are making progress on some of your quilts. I am making more Star blocks the same way, as leaders and enders.


    1. Sometimes the leader/enders (what I can my inbetweens) just jump up and surprise me, like, “Wow, how’d those get done so fast?” With these stars, I find myself saying, “Those sure are taking a long time.” But then I remember that each one has quite a few seams. I’ll get there, though.

      Henry is a handful! I’m used to adult, trained, less needy (older) cats. You have to watch him every minute. And I worry about him when I can’t find him, like having a teenage daughter again. He’s just capable of getting into so much mischief when I can see him…then he gets quiet for over an hour and I can’t find him. But he sleeps hard. He’s just learning that when I call him it’s a good experience. Baby steps. So definitely keeping me on my toes. My poor, scratched up bitten toes. We’re also working on, “I’m not a chew toy, please do not eat me.” He plays so hard and when skin gets in the way…we’re working on it.

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    1. Thanks. We went to the vet Monday, and both the vet and her assistant separately said they had never seen a kitten without an ounce of fat on him. He’s just solid, strong muscle. So, yep….kitty man is ripped! He’s SUCH a handful (in a good way). Glad you enjoyed my show-and-tell.

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  2. Thanks. He’s a Bengal. It’s a new breed (he’s 4th generation from a Chinese Leopard Cat–the first 2 generations only the females were fertile so that sorta skews it when they have to bread back up). He’s as wild as a domestic cat can get.

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  3. I have fallen in love with Henry! I would love to have another kitty (although maybe a little less rambunctious). But Tim really doesn’t want another one and I am going to respect that; because of my mobility issues, he’s the one who has to do most of the cleaning up after them.


    1. I understand. I went way too long without a kitty. I’ll share Henry with you. Believe me, he can keep way more than the two of us busy.


    1. You are correct. He is now going systematically room-to-room making sure everything he can reach is on the floor. He can’t reach everything yet, but it’s a matter of time before the whole house will have to be organized better. So that’s an involuntary plus. He’s just so danged fun to have around.


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