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TTMT # 102 Sew Time

7 thoughts on “TTMT # 102 Sew Time

  1. Lovin’ the Nebula blocks….how many quilts are you going to end up making? Patrick keeps asking when I’m going to come down again…but I think it’s too hot now for me. Have a great trip to the mountains!


    1. The mountains of NC will feel cold to me coming from Houston in July. Honestly jeans & sweatshirts in my suitcase. Lol
      You need to tell him he has this backwards. He goes North in the summer and you go south in the winter 😁
      I will have two tops. The centers are the same size regardless of lap to king size. So I’ll decide how big once I know who they are going to.


  2. Frito says “mooooom, mooooom!” 😛

    I’m so glad you got to book a happy-making trip and I’m so glad your gal is vaxed!!

    It’s so strange to feel life speeding up again and All The Things happening at once.


  3. Your Pokemon blocks look great. I’ve been watching you and several other people I know on the Nebula blocks, and they’re so pretty in photos. But then every time I see them live I remember how big they are.

    Summer school and other things can be hectic, but usually well worth the time. Good to be out.

    I love vocal kitties, so Frito in the background is always welcome with me. Sounds like you and yours are recovering well from the whole pause button that hit us all. I’m SLOWLY getting out some. Really, my trip to Houston to get Henry was the first time I had been anywhere around strangers (and one friend). We’re eating out a tiny bit now, but not often and only in places where we won’t be too close to anyone. We have such a low vaccinated rate here, but if you are fully vaccinated you are no longer required to wear masks (except if a place requires it). So…34% of the population is vaccinated, but 95% of the people are claiming to not have to wear masks. So I’m still wearing mine and keeping my distance from these fakers.

    All the best!


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