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8 thoughts on “TTMT#612021-Mosaic

  1. The dragonfly turned out great. Mosaic quilting takes a lot of time, but the pictures that can be created are amazing.


  2. Oh I love the preschool quilt looks. It’s so sweet with the little hands.

    Ooooh I the dragon fly is so pretty.

    Sounds like a pretty good job situation even with the annoying parts.

    Yay for summer vacation and sew time.


  3. Great to see you. Happy school will be over soon. Love the preschool quilt. Very creative. I have one of those mosaic kits. They really do look fun to make. Glad you had fun camping.


  4. Oh, the handprints are just precious! I’ve worked on a couple of projects like that years ago and loved every minute of it!

    What a wonderful project you and your friend worked on. Camping sounds delightful, I’m sure it was a blast even in the rain! I look forward to seeing the finished product!


  5. Totally in love with the handprint quilt. It is amazing! Looking forward to seeing the finished dragonfly quilt with the tulle. Such intricate work on it.


  6. I was wondering how you and Michelle got all those teensy tiny squares put together, now it makes sense! Still pretty daunting though. But what a gorgeous result!


  7. The preschool quilt looks really cool.. I like the pattern you came up with and the rainbow idea looks great

    The mosaic dragonfly looks really cool! It turned out so well! I’m sure it’s long decided by now, but I hope you’ve chosen the teal tulle.. I think it’d be a beautiful choice.


  8. Kristel…I did choose the teal and I love it. It’s quilted but I have one more border to put on. My sewing area is in chaos. We’re renovating the front of the house but the electric panel is in my sewing room, so I haven’t been able to do anything. 😦


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