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TTMT #626 – Tweedle-Dee & Tweedle-Doom

I finally made two more Year of Doom blocks. It’s slow going but sooooo fun!

6 thoughts on “TTMT #626 – Tweedle-Dee & Tweedle-Doom

  1. I like your shirt too! This is the perfect quilt to personalize for you or a family member. ! may have to make 2 just because there are so many things I want to put on it Tim is addicted to 6 or 7 hobbies and I hope to have each one represented.

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  2. The egypt designs are fantastic, and *hinthint* would go great in a block devoted to Elizabeth Peters novels. 😀

    Love the shirt! I need to get busy with my cricut and make some personalized sewing themed shirts. I may try to go to festival, too, I’m going to bring it up when I’m offered a job, that I need at least the end of that week off! lol

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  3. The shirt looks great. I just purchased the one from the last quilt along a few weeks ago. Your blocks are looking good and very personalized. Houston would be a fun trip. We will have to see what the fall brings. It was great to meet everyone in 2018 when I went to the Houston show.


  4. I need to order one of those shirts for myself. So appropriate for Festival.

    I love your YoD blocks. I have several ideas from Susan. The rotary cutter being one of them. I have been a tad uninspired with YoD but definitely feeling more inspiration with these kind of ideas.

    Happy Crafting and I hope you had the best time this past week.


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