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TTMT 5/25/21

9 thoughts on “TTMT 5/25/21

  1. That’s an awfully nice shirt you’re wearing there. It sure is good to see you!

    I’m loving seeing all your Year of Doom blocks. It’s been so fun to see how you’re personalizing them.

    Oh my goodness, you’re so generous to think of Linus for some of your UFOs! I would be delighted to finish them up and donate them. I promise to do right by them! ♥

    Your shopping trip sounds like it was really fun. What lovely fabric finds! Pineapple always has one of my favorite booths at the Quilt Festival in Houston.

    I very much understand cleaning out. I’ve been letting a lot of odds and ends go because I just have too much! I look forward to seeing all these finishes you have in your near future. I hope you enjoy every single project.


    1. I heard about the Pineapple semiannual warehouse sale 4+ years ago and have wanted to go. I thought it was further away than it is – 25 minute drive! So I’ll be going to the sale often.

      I’m sorting through my UFOs now. A couple of the quilts are too small and will need borders. The cowboy quilt was too big so I took a row off the top and one off the side. I’m sending the blocks I took off as well. The blue brick UFO is large enough to make 4 baby quilts I think and I’m going to send it as is so you can decide what you want to do with it. There is one more that is for a bigger kid and I’ll let you decide on that one too. And a kitty quilt. I also have some flannel that will be good for backing that I’ll send along.

      I am loving the YOD. I think it will be a good quilt to pass down to our son and grandson.


  2. What great finds you got at that sale! I loved their booth at Festival in Houston the one time I went. I think I bought a ruler or a pattern or maybe a panel, I can’t remember. but they put together a fantastic display!

    I just bought two used sergers through Project Linus from a lady that had to sell all her machines. I bought them both because they are both old and neither have been used in a long time, so I got a great deal on them and figured if I could get just one of them to work properly it would be worth it, but I haven’t had time to play with them too much yet, so they are currently being stored in that new wooden cabinet in the project room.

    Good luck with your pare down and getting space to do what you like!

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  3. Your YOD chess block is great. I might have to make one of those. Donating all those UFQ’s for Linus is a great idea. Then the fabric you found is great. I like all of it. Have fun crafting and sewing this week.


  4. Oh nice! Linus will be thrilled to get your tops and you’ll be happy to clear some space.

    Ooooh my hubs used to play competitive Chess….another YoD block for me to add.

    Pineapple warehouse sale is always fantastic. Glad got to go.

    Happy Crafting


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